How To Get God To Work Miracles More Through You

Do you want God to use you to perform signs and miracles? If so, know that you wished for something good. However, this is not just at will, but as a result of practical spiritual steps. This article presents six main ways to create signs and miracles.

Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God. For truly I say to you, anyone who says this grief, “Be delighted and thrown into the sea,” and has no doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will be done, he will have what he said. That’s why I tell you: whatever you ask, when you pray, believe that you will get them and you will receive them – Mark 11: 22-24 (NKJV).


All christian believers must perform signs and miracles. However, very few Christians can do this in their lifetime and with different measures. This is because very few people are willing to create themselves for God’s use. But when we let go of all obstacles and commit ourselves to using God, the Lord will perform miracles and signs through our hands.

Some Christians have the gifts of the spirit that allow them to create signs and miracles. However, the extent to which God can use them still depends on them. Thus, the level to which you want to prepare determines the level of your miracles and signs.

Secrets of creation of signs and miracles

  1. Deep Faith in the Word of God

Our faith in God and His word determines the number of signs and miracles God can perform through our hands. And that’s a gross belief in the word of God. So it should be for you: if the Almighty God said it, then the case is done. It is a belief that does not question the word of God, but believes in it as it is written. This belief considers the word to be the last and sees it as the end of the debate.

Abraham had such faith. For example, when God promised that Sarah would have a son, Abraham never doubted him.

  1. Fasting and Prayer

This is important to prepare you for God’s use. Because it is time to wait for God quickly and seek Him in prayer. And it helps you to drown out the commandments of the flesh and become spiritually sensitive. So you tend to hear God speak to you. So, if you follow His instructions, God will perform signs and miracles through you.

In addition, our Lord Jesus advised the disciples to pray and fast if they could not heal a child with epilepsy. And we know that Jesus Christ spent 40 days and 40 nights before he fully began his short work on earth. So you can’t escape prayer and fasting if you want to create signs and miracles.

  1. Separation from God

Sometimes you need to be alone with God, away from distractions. This allows you to focus on God and the purpose for which you are looking for him. For example, Christ, although he was always busy, always separated to seek the Father’s God in prayer. Sometimes he would go away with the apostles from other disciples and people.

  1. Voice of God

When you hear about God, your faith is strengthened, and doubts and disbelief disappear. So you are sure that this will happen, as the Lord said. And if there is an obstacle in your way, it will not bother you at all.

For example, when God told Abraham that he would have a son, Abraham believed. Moreover, he was fully confident that he would. True to his faith, God gave him Isaac.

However, I recommend not looking for a voice so as not to hear the enemy. Let God speak to you in due course.

  1. Clear conscience

You need a clear conscience to make your faith work. So, if your conscience does not judge you, you will not wonder whether God will use you or not. And you expect Him to work with you as He has worked with the apostles. So have a clear conscience that is not offended by either God or man.

  1. Speak in bold.

This is another important secret of working on signs and miracles. Because Scripture says you get what you say. And it proves that you believe in God and His word. Therefore, the proclamation of God’s word of anything or of anyone with courage and faith commands signs and miracles.






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