What 16 Years Working From Home Taught Me

Opportunities it offers staff

So what does the growth of temporary assistance and flexible jobs mean for the human resources industry? It opens the door to new horizons. It is time to start planning a short-term and long-term strategy. Statistics show that this change will occur in the near future. Adapting to change now, temporary employment agencies can stay ahead. So where do you start?

Discuss temporary opportunities with employers who typically hire full-time

The increase in temporary assistance is not limited to companies that hire contract agents. This could be a new opportunity for companies that usually want to hire full time. If a client was open to the idea of working on a contract, this could be a good opportunity to discuss its growth and the benefits of hiring a full-time employee. This is not only cheaper, as we mentioned, but also opens the door for more qualified candidates seeking an employment contract. Not all posts are suitable for contract work, but this is definitely a way that can be explored if the client is open to it. To test the water, you can even offer a temporary rental plan. If a contract worker finishes training and wants to stay in the company, he can be hired full-time.

Flexible job ads add new features

Because temporary jobs are no longer reserved for contract-seeking companies, flexible jobs are no longer reserved for permanent employment. As the statistics show, more employees want to be able to work remotely. This opens up new opportunities for contractual and permanent accommodation. This allows recruitment companies to expand the search for qualified candidates from other states. It also provides an opportunity to find more qualified candidates based on their preferences to work from home. You may miss some highly educated people if they choose not to work in a physical place.

The ability to offer more flexible vacancies will eventually help to increase the number of candidates. If the client has been open to remote work, now is the time to discuss the growing interest in it as well as the benefits.

Learn from the internet – for Pete’s sake, if zoom, Microsoft Teams or other online meeting tools are an integral part of your business, take the time to really understand them and make sure that the material you’re using is the most positive. the experience of others created by your meetings. Not knowing how to do things like show your screen, allowing others to share their screen or use an electronic board is like meeting a business partner in person in a coffee shop with loud music, without chairs or tables. When you have difficulty with tools, you make it clear to the recipient that they are not important enough for you to create a great online experience. Equally important, the difficulty with online meeting tools indicates that you are slowly adjusting to change.
Plan “Ready” rather than “Do.” Every Monday morning I look through my to-do list and decide what I plan to do by the end of the week. I then plan all week in my calendar to work on each task and then plan Friday at 5 p.m. A meeting that summarizes what I promised to do this week. The key is to express your to-do list in terms of the result, or “done,” rather than in terms of activity or “do.” If you think only about activity, you are more likely to measure success in terms of the time during which you do something than what you actually did.
Put everything in your calendar – In my article “I can’t keep up!” six principles of using the calendar to do more. I’m talking about how you can use your diary not only for work, but also for life. This is especially important when working from home, since start/stop events, such as trips to work, are no longer present. Now that these obstacles have disappeared, it is much easier not to think about time. I had to learn that working from home doesn’t mean I can still work; it meant that I had to be more disciplined about when to work and when not to work.
Set clear expectations for your loved ones – Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean you’re always available.

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