Three Do’s and Do Not’s About Dressing Up Like a Pirate

Lots of people dress up like a pirate. It is really a well-known thing, and much has been written on it. Many results have gotten from the experience and people will typically do or say crazy things about it. Averting failure and acquiring success is what you want to do. You don’t have to be a genius just these specific rules.

There are two rules. Firstly, the “do’s”, the positive part, the things you must do. Secondly, the need-to-avoid, undesirable parts, the “don’t’s”. Your success will be decided upon your adherence to these things.

Now, we should examine these three do’s and don’t’s of dressing up like a pirate:

First “Do”: Get a great set of pirate footwear. Shoes are one of those things that can make a costume or turn it into a pile of crap. And who doesn’t love shoes? You’ll wear them for many events afterward, so why not spend extra to get a decent looking costume going and a life worth living afterward?

First “Don’t”: Walk around in stupid goth boots. This suggests that you’re suicidal and you don’t really care about the world of pirate-dress up. Maybe people will think you’re a satirist and that you hate other folks for dressing up like pirates.

Second “Do”: Don’t go alone. Walking around without other pirate dressed supporters is not only extremely disheartening, it’s also very dangerous. What if a group of ninja scum should appear and try to lynch you? You’ll be glad you had friends by your side, even if they all die alongside you. Never die alone.

Second “Don’t”: Have a plastic handgun. Spend the money on a real blunderbuss or at least a passable replica. Fake guns will get you shot by the police. Replica blunderbusses will get you a high five. Pirates killed people with all manner of things, and much like fake yeezy shoes, it will make your costume shine. And what’s the point of dressing up as a pirate if you’re going to carry a fake machine pistol? They didn’t have those in the 18th century, get out of here.

Third “Do”: Study up on the Golden Age of Piracy and learn about genocide and colonialism in the Americas. You should use this because it’s important to understand how truly awful the European were to native peoples and pirates should understand misery and pain. Pirates suffered mightily before becoming pirates.

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