That’s How Vodka Is Made

7-column distillation process to obtain a clean, soft and crispy taste. Potatoes in particular have a lot of starch, which must be split into basic sugars. Malt food is made by soaking grains in water, which allows them to germinate. Then they are converted into a meal and added during the puree process.

The name Vodka is derived from the Slavic word voda or vodka, which means water. People only know that it is made from potatoes, but that’s it? If you are among those people, you don’t know that potatoes are not the only basic product for every brand. Of the 40,000 boxes sold in the United States in 1950, vodka sales rose to just over a million in 1954.

This “bread wine”, as he was initially known, was for a long time produced exclusively in the Grand Duchy of Moscow and in no other Principality of Russia. ” . Therefore, this drink was closely associated with Moscow. Barley tastes stronger than wheat, but is not as bitter and strong as rye.

In some places, grape wine may have been so expensive that it was only a drink for aristocrats. Burning wine was generally diluted with water to 24% alcohol or less before drinking. At the same time, the word vodka was already in use, but it described herbal tinctures, which contain up to 75% alcohol, and made for medicinal purposes. During this process, the water and impurities remain in the first chamber, giving the liquid produced a higher alcohol content.

Stolichnaya, the most famous vodka brand in Russia, is produced by Kristall. In 1996, the Russian Patent Office ruled that Stolichnaya was a generic name that can be used by the vodka gifts uk country’s 150 alcohol factories. Many Russians have drifted from Stoli in favor of foreign brands and other Russian brands because they are no longer sure what is in the bottle.