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The pole piece and the back plate are often made of one piece, called a pole plate or yoke. When an electrical signal is applied to the voice coil, a magnetic field is created by the electric current in the voice coil, making it a variable electromagnet. The coil and the magnetic system of the conductor work together in the same way as a solenoid and generate a mechanical force that moves the coil. The application of alternating current moves the cone back and forth, accelerates and reproduces the sound under the control of the applied electrical signal coming from the amplifier.

While this setting is usually better than a single full-range speaker, the tweeter mounted on the woofer prevents the woofer’s sound output. They are designed to be housed in a separate enclosure that is physically placed away from the main speaker that houses high, medium and low frequency range controllers. Electrostatic speakers use a high-voltage electric field to drive a statically charged thin diaphragm. Because they are driven over the entire membrane surface rather than from a small voice coil, they usually offer more linear, less deforming motion than dynamic controllers. They also have a relatively narrow scattering pattern that can accurately position the sound field. However, their optimal listening area is small and they are not very efficient speakers.

Because the thin membrane moves very little, it receives current from an amplifier, which creates sound. 3-way crossovers (divide the input signal into 3 output signals: low-frequency, mid-frequency and high-frequency signals and they are all sent to different controllers). 2- and 3-way crossovers are the most common types, but there are also speakers with 4 or more different drivers in a cabinet that require 4-way (or n-way) crossovers. Column Array speakers are also a popular choice for house or worship sound. Column speakers are composed of multiple small cone-like controllers arranged vertically in a tall but narrow housing, resulting in a narrow vertical dispersion and wide horizontal dispersion.

Wireless speakers are very similar to traditional speakers, but receive audio signals using radio frequency waves rather than audio cables. There is usually an amplifier built into the speaker cabinet because RF waves alone are not enough to propel the speaker. The manufacturers of these speakers design them to be as light as possible while producing the maximum amount of audio output efficiency.

These speakers work by relying on the interaction between the current of an amplifier and a magnetic field. In principle, the coil is placed centrally and evenly in a magnetic field. As the current from an amplifier flows through the coil, the coil begins to move due to the force generated in the magnetic field. The force creates movements in the coil which in turn cause the cone to vibrate accordingly to produce sound. To accurately reproduce very low bass tones without unwanted resonances, subwoofer systems must be solidly constructed and well-reinforced to prevent unwanted sounds of cabinet vibration. Many subwoofer systems include integrated power amplifiers and electronic subsonic filters, with additional controls relevant to low-frequency playback (e.g., a cross button and phase switch).

This type of subwoofer is self-contained and uses a speaker-to-amplifier configuration that optimally adapts to the functions and wraps them together. Essentially, an active subwoofer only needs a single cable connection from your home theater receiver or surround sound preamp output, and it’s powered by its own built-in amplifier. They are extremely easy to use with modern home theater receivers, as most receivers are equipped with one or two subwoofer preamp line outputs designed directly to connect your active subwoofer. Speaker drivers are the transducer elements of the speakers that are ultimately responsible for converting the audio signal into sound. While there are different types of drivers, pretty much all of them use a conductive element to move an aperture and produce sound.

However, it differs from the aforementioned dynamic and flat magnetic designs and is its own type of speaker driver. These speaker drivers are built with different design philosophies and often have different audio and power speaker rentals miami requirements than typical dynamic drivers. When we use the term driver, we usually refer to dynamic speaker drivers. The other types can be called controllers, although we can refrain from naming them to avoid confusion.

The sound quality depends on many factors: the quality of the components installed in the crossover, the configuration of the crossover, the quality and type of housing, etc. When the electrical signal from the amplifier is brought into the coil, the coil moves back and forth and, along with the coil, the diaphragm moves while attached to it. The diaphragm pushes and pulls the air in front of it, creating sound waves.


Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Discord Streaming No Sound

Gamers often complain about�Discord Screen share no audio�errors while they are on the game.

If you are also facing a similar issue, we have got some great hacks, to fix the�discord no sound screen share�errors in no time.

Why Does Discord Screen Share No Audio Error Occurs?

There can be various reasons behind the�discord screen share audio not working. Common factors that affect discord audio are not having discord on your PC, erroneous audio drivers, loading error of the screen share, and many more.�

modern gamers prefer to have screen share with discord audio. If there is no audio on discord while screen sharing, it can be really frustrating.

Before fixing this error, you must know all the reasons why your�friend can�t hear audio on screen share discord.

  1. When the discord screen share features faulty audio from the initial stage. Using an old version of discord can result in this.
  1. This can happen when your Pc has an erroneous audio driver.
  1. Incorrect administrative entry results in�discord streaming no sound�errors.
  1. Using an incompatible application with discord screen share.
  1. When there is no route for discord to transfer the audio file.
  1. Discord screen share no audio Chrome�errors occur when you stream discord in an incompatible online platform like YouTube.
  1. System Antivirus can often damage the discord program and affect audio streaming effects.

How to Screen Share Audio on Discord?

If you want to share audio on discord you should enable the sound sharing option on discord very easily, to play alongside the video share option.

Audio sharing along with the screen while gaming is one of the coolest features of Discord.

If you can�t use it properly, it is likely to cause inconvenience.

How to Fix Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working?

To fix discord screen share audio not working you need to Update audio drivers on Windows PC. To do this follow methods�No. 6�The step-by-step guide help you to update your audio driver.

Well, Audio sharing over discord is one of the latest features of the gaming platform.

Naturally, there are bugs in the features as well.

These bugs help you notice the problems when discord refrains from picking up audio.

If an error has been detected, these hacks will help you fix the problems in no time.

1. Computer Restarting:

This is probably the simplest solution to discord no audio problems, but a powerful one too. If the problem is minor rebooting the operating system helps, but not always.�

Sometimes other programs that run in the system background get in conflict with discord and result in�discord go alive no audio�issues.�

2. Updating The Discord Application:

updating the discord app often fixes problems with discord audio not working during a screen share.

You can make it happen in 4 easy steps-

  • Press the keys��Windows + R��simultaneously to open the��run��dialogue page.
  • Type in��%localappdata%��and press the��Enter��button on your Keyboard.
  • In the app data page double-click on each of��Discord��and��update.exe��simultaneously. this helps in updating the app.
  • Let the update happen smoothly and relaunch the app to check for audio errors.

3. Give Discord Administrative Rights:

Discord was working properly before the introduction of add-on audio features with the screen share features.

Often, due to excess resource loading, the screen share feature fails to function the audio part properly.�

The best way to fix this by giving administrative rights to discord.

This how you can make it happen-

  • Press the keys��Windows + E��simultaneously to launch file Explorer.
  • Scroll to navigate to the location where discord was installed.
  • When you find the��Discord.exe��icon, right-click on it and then press the��Run as Administrator��tab.
  • Press the��OK��tab to save the access settings.

Relaunch the app and see how it performs now.

Tips for you:�10 Ways to Fix Discord Won�t Open

4. Avoid Using a Full-Screen Window:

When you play games using discord on a full-screen mode, the audio while streaming gets hampered.

This happens as the audio files get in conflict with the discord permissions.�

The best way to avoid this is by playing the games in the off-screen mode of the window in a minimized version.

5. Add Activities to Discord:

Discord is programmed to function in a way that it detects your activity. Majorly, when discord no sound errors when you play games.

To avoid this, you need to add some activity on discord.�

  • Go to��Settings��from the��Start��menu and select��Apps�.
  • From the��Apps��list select Discord and open�.
  • Go to��Discord settings��and click to open.
  • Click on the��Games��option from the left-side navigation panel on discord settings.
  • On the games page. navigate to the tab called��Game Activity��and click to add an activity.
  • Add a sound activity and toggle the toggle button ahead of the Overlay tab to turn it on.

Adding sound activity often helps in avoiding no audio errors by discord.

6. Update The Faulty Audio Drivers:

If you are using a backdated or faulty audio driver, no sound errors are likely to occur during online screen sharing.

To avoid such errors, it�s important that you have your audio drivers updated.

You can�t change the driver always, hence here are the steps that will help in updating your driver-

  • Press the Keys��Windows + R��to open up the��Run��dialogue box.
  • Type in��devmgmt.msc��and press the��Enter��button on your computer.
  • In the device manager page, click on the��Audio inputs and outputs��option to expand the page.
  • From the drop-down list right-click on the��Sound and hardware� optio
  • From the pop-up context menu select the��Update driver� option and close the device manager.
Credit: Microsoft Community
  • Restart your PC

If the error is because of a faulty audio driver, this step should fix it instantly.

7. Discord Voice Settings Reset:

The last option would be to make changes in the settings of the�discord voice features. You can do it in 6 simple steps taking only a few minutes.

  • Go to the discord option on your desktop and open the app.
  • Navigate to��discord settings��and click to open.
  • Click on the��Settings��tab on the right-hand corner of the new page.�
  • Scroll to locate the��Voice & Video��option on the settings menu and right-click on it.
  • From the pop-up context menu choose the��reset voice settings��option. This helps in fixing completely faulty settings.
  • Click on the��OK��tab to confirm changes in the settings.

By now the no audio errors during screen share must have gone from discord.�


You can always use the above-mentioned apps when discord Chrome no sound errors occur while live streaming of screen share.

But if nothing works properly, it is best to uninstall the app and reinstall again to fix all bug errors.