10 Benefits Of Learning A Second Language

For me, speaking other languages keeps me connected with family and friends who live in other parts of the world and don’t speak English. In addition, the observation that a second or third language involves the same underlying cognitive and neural machinery as the first language also has implications for the language itself. The interactivity of the networks that support all known languages affects the mother tongue. The native language of a bilingual or multilingual speaker is different from the native language of a monolingual speaker and reflects the influence of the second or third language on the first. An even more surprising finding, according to the claims about the plasticity of life experience, is that changes in mother tongue have been observed in second language learners in the early moments of new learning (Bice and Kroll, 2015; Chang, 2013).

One trilingual said, “Life never gets boring because there is more than one language.” When someone learns multiple languages, they can travel further, immerse themselves in local cultures, and connect closely with global communities. It may even be an advantage that evolution in our brain has chosen positively, an idea supported by the ease with which we learn and switch between new languages and by the spread of bilingualism throughout world history. Just as we need to do physical exercise to maintain the health of bodies that have evolved for a physically active hunter-gatherer lifestyle, perhaps we should start doing more cognitive exercise to maintain our mental health, especially if we only speak one language. Learning multiple languages is not only about increasing brain mass, but also about improving memory. The psychologist set out to determine the cognitive differences between monolingual and bilingual children, or if at all. This type of relationship is necessary for any business environment.

Learning a 2nd language increases the likelihood of getting a job easily. If you write additional languages such as Swedish, Norwegian and Danish on your CV, you will stand out from the crowd of English-speaking people. Over the next decade, people who speak Chinese and Spanish will be easily recruited by the companies recruited. Global companies that open their subsidiaries in other countries need to understand that communicating in people’s native language gives new impetus to their business. In addition, multilingual persons can receive transport more easily than bilingual persons. Therefore, in order to climb the ladder in your career, you need to learn several languages.

This allows you to develop networks with different nations without obstacles. It is a good career choice and improves our networks, which increases our chances. Multilingualism is a good skill to have in a resume or resume because it is a person who can learn well and is used to switching between tasks. Many are now choosing to learn foreign languages and work in multinational companies that have a global presence.

In addition to improving your career prospects and love life, science has suggested that speaking another language can unlock intellectual potential and strengthen cognitive abilities. Multilinguals have been shown to be better at multitasking due to their ability to change languages. News and World Report, Bilingual Benefits Outreach Beyond Communication. With increasing globalization, there are few professions and positions that do not require knowledge of at least one, or even two or three foreign languages. In companies, one of the interviews can be conducted in a language other than one’s own.

In addition, six-month-old babies growing up in a bilingual environment are better than monolingual babies when it comes to quickly forming internal memory representations of new visual stimuli (Singh et al., 2014). Which makes it necessary for babies to develop improved coping skills for the task of bilingual acquisition. In addition, studies on children’s learning have shown that big gains occur when babies are exposed to language fluctuations early in life.

You can use it in a new country to communicate with the locals so they can help you find your destination or feel at home after moving there to teach English to people who don’t speak English. Mastering a second language means that a whole new literature is in your hands. However, these are not the only benefits of learning a second language.

Knowing the language makes you a local no matter where you are and opens up your world literally and figuratively. And it is precisely for these reasons that you will see the reward of learning languages for many years. немски език за деца софия If you speak more than one language, you can use it in a way you might not expect. The “bilingual benefit” includes not only social and cognitive benefits, but also academic, professional, and health benefits.


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Get A Second Wind

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