Items Every New Cat Owner Needs, From Scratch Lines To Cat Beds

Most cats love the pure, fresh taste of running water, and automatic water dispensers provide a constant supply of clean water. These can be identified by the words “highly digestible, nutritious and uniquely designed to meet kittens’ nutritional needs.” Kittens eight weeks and older can handle dry Enclosed litter box food quite well, although canned food is actually better for them. Raising a kitten can certainly be challenging, but if done right, the reward is years of love, loyalty and affection, not to mention the satisfaction of watching your cat grow from a small ball of fluff to a slim, healthy adult.

You may be tempted to want to keep her in your room, but unless you want to store your litter box there, it’s best to section somewhere in the house that’s just for her. This allows you to feel comfortable in your own space without disturbing yours. It’s not uncommon for kittens to wake up in the middle of the night and suckle loudly, hoping to get their attention, but unlike babies who cry at night, you should do your best to ignore them. Little by little, they will learn that night is for sleep and that you don’t go there every scream. Also, avoid setting a bad precedent where you have to get up every night.

If you live with a cat that’s cold and focused enough to walk with you, well, I’m impressed. That is certainly not the case with my two indoor kittens, who prefer to run back and forth at full speed for fifteen minutes at a time and then fall asleep for hours. That said, almost all cats will meet in a car at some point, whether it’s in a cross-country move or around the corner for the vet.

If you have other pets, keep the door closed or use a hatch to keep them out. Let them gradually approach the door and let them and the kitten meet and sniff from a safe distance. Only allow them to make full contact under supervision if they seem to accept each other’s presence without signs of aggression. Wait to introduce your new kitten to other animals until you have received your vaccinations and a clean health certificate from the vet. Providing an enriched indoor climate full of positive stimuli will lay the foundation for a happy and healthy cat.

While your new cat can feed any ceramic (not lead-enameled) or stainless steel containers you have in your kitchen, you may feel better about providing your own dishes. It is not recommended to use plastic cat bowls, as some cats develop rashes on the chin from plastic; plus, softer plastic scratches, which provide a refuge from bacteria (possibly a case of cause and effect here). There are a number of pointless stainless steel bowls available for pets.

It features superior odor control, is dust-free, and helps train cats to use the box. Even if this isn’t your first feline friend, adding a new cat to your family is definitely an exciting time, but wait! You’ll need several cat supplies to get the place in shape to welcome your kitten. Check out our cat adoption checklist, full of tips for new cat parents, to make sure you have everything you need to start parenting with the right paw. In addition to potty training, training a kitten is usually about setting and reinforcing boundaries and household rules. Again, rely on positive reinforcement to train your kitten and avoid punishing them or talking loudly to them.

However, understand that not all cats wear closed litter boxes and that they may need an outdoor litter box, such as Ness High Sides Cat Litter Pan, to feel comfortable doing their business. When it comes to a sandbox, all of our experts agree that simple is best. You want a box that your cat can use “without having to do tricks,” Moore said. And while self-cleaning litter boxes are useful, Moore doesn’t recommend them because the sounds they make can scare cats. Actually, cleaning the litter box is the two worst parts of cat paternity. Not all cats like to be in an enclosed space when they visit the litter box.

“If your cat whistles, he may feel threatened or on edge.” This diffuser emits an odorless vapor that mimics a cat’s natural calming pheromones and sends signals to its brain that relieve stress. It can also help with destructive scratching and litter box problems. Shaw buys a lot of his cat furniture from Hauspanther, such as this wall hanger that also serves as a bead post and has space for toy storage. While I was always excited to embark on feline motherhood, I didn’t look forward to carrying homemade bags of cat food and cat litter, especially considering that I live in a city and don’t have my own car.

Sandbox training should be at the top of your priority list on your kitten’s first day at home. Kittens that stay with their mother until they are fully weaned usually learn the purpose of a litter box by looking at their mothers. Most of the time, your kitten already knows what to do and your only job is to show them the box. You may need to remind him where the box is and use positive reinforcement, such as treats and compliments, until he gets used to using it alone without any indication. At this stage, it can be helpful to have a few litter boxes around the house, just to make sure you have easy access to them while you’re figuring things out.