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American Crisis Prevention & Management Association (ACPMA) offers PALS certification training course online. We are one of the largest providers of online pals certification nursing healthcare certifications and recertifications on the Internet. Being operated by critical care healthcare professionals, we understand the importance of a nurse or a doctor missing a shift because of ACLS, PALS, NRP, NALS, BVP, MAB, CPI, TCI or any other certification. We make it a priority to get you initially certified or recertified as quickly and efficiently as possible! We understand the need for high-quality and accurate material. All our study materials have been written by medical professionals who have had extensive experience in critical care and have been involved in actual codes and other healthcare management situations.

Summertime often brings with it hot, hazy and humid temperatures. For children out of school or in daycare, it also brings with it the promise of cooling down in the swimming pool or running under the water sprinkler. While most kids now take swimming lessons at a young age, there is still a need for supervision and training in the event of an incident in or out of the water. From running and horseplay that results in bleeding, sprains and broken bones to near drownings and diving accidents that result in shock and other emergencies, children can find themselves in dangerous and life-threatening situations. Caregivers and healthcare professionals need special training to prepare themselves for a variety of situations that can arise with children throughout the summer.

Some healthcare professional are required to have Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) training as part of their employment. Adults can take a video-based class with an instructor which simulates a variety of emergencies that could be faced when kids are in their care. Those taking the classroom portion of the course will experience reinforcement of the systematic approach of basic concepts used in assessing young patients. This includes basic life support (BLS), algorithms of PALS treatment and how to work as a team.

When a child is injured while with family members or daycare providers, the first few minutes afterward are often quite critical. Adults who are present can make a difference in the time that elapses between the initial injury and the arrival of emergency medical services (EMS) workers. Those who take a heart-saver first aid course can assist a child who has suffered a cut, sprain or broken arm, for example. When these and emergencies are handled properly, the child’s chances of survival, further injury and swift recovery are all affected.
Finding the time and resources can sometimes be a challenge for those who want or need to get training and recertification to help kids in their care in the event of a medical emergency. Online training is available for a portion of several types of certification. PALS certification online is one that allows caregivers to learn necessary skills from the comforts of home or the office at a time that suits them.

While summertime can be a time of fun and frolic for children, it is also a time that sometimes puts them in harm’s way in a daycare setting, at the pool or at home. Professionals, family members and daycare providers can all improve a child’s outcome with proper first aid training classes.

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