Border Crossing

If you are traveling by plane, you must have a passport regardless of your age. All travelers entering Canada must use the ArriveCAN app within 72 hours of arrival in Canada. You must also be prepared to show your ArriveCAN receipt to your airline, train or border officer when you wish to enter Canada. Read the State Department’s Canada Visa COVID-19 page before planning an international trip, and read the embassy’s COVID-19 page for specific information about COVID-19 in each country. Read the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ COVID-19 page before planning international travel and read the Europol COVID-19 page for specific information on COVID-19 in each country.

No matter how extensive your qualifications and professional experience are, it will be difficult to get your references recognized in the Canadian market. Bring as much documentation (transcripts, etc.) as possible and make as many contacts as possible in your professional network before immigrating. If you work in a highly specialized field, it can literally take years to get full accreditation to practice in Canada, a fact that many urban taxi drivers will share with you. After moving to Canada as a permanent resident with health care benefits, you can see a doctor for free, but if you leave the appointment with a prescription, you can pick up the bill at the pharmacy. Similarly, dental care, which isn’t usually funded by the government, can take a toll on your savings. Third-party health insurance can help offset the often exorbitant prices Canadians pay for dental and eye care, as well as medications.

You will never be denied health care services when you need them, but if your U.S. policy does not cover you in Canada, you will be billed for all services provided. You can also purchase temporary travel insurance to cover unexpected health expenses you may incur while visiting Canada. Supervising, training or attending meetings would not meet the conditions of this exemption. Canada is one of the largest countries in the world, in terms of size. People planning a vacation in Canada often tend to underestimate the distances.

Unless you qualify for the fully vaccinated traveler’s exemption, you should not directly care for people 65 years of age or older within the first 14 days of entering Canada. Canada’s health care system is the envy of its American neighbors to the South. It’s a tax-funded Medicare system where the government pays for people’s basic insurance, which is then provided by the private sector.

Click here for a free online quote, which should take less than 60 seconds to complete. You can apply for a limited exemption from quarantine if you enter Canada for funerals or to provide compassionate care or support to others. If he is not fully vaccinated, a Canadian truck driver must meet the requirements for day 8 pre-entry, arrival and testing, as well as quarantine. A government official at the point of entry has the discretion to determine whether an unvaccinated truck driver with a right of entry is allowed to deliver his cargo before quarantine. If permitted, upon entering Canada, the driver must go directly to the place of unloading, stay in his truck and, once unloaded, go directly to his appropriate place of quarantine. Unvaccinated youth ages 12 to 17 must follow all testing and quarantine requirements, regardless of whether they are accompanied by someone eligible for the fully vaccinated traveler’s exemption.

Government representatives at the border use the information available at the time of entry to determine what instructions will be given to a traveler regarding their public health obligations. You go to school in British Columbia and travel home to the United States after your school day ends. You and your parents are exempt from testing and quarantine because you regularly cross the border to go to school.