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  • How To Start A Non-profit Organization

    If successful, this can be a great way to start a non-profit organization with little or no money. At the federal level, the IRS regulates the activities of private foundations and non-profit organizations. In most states, the Attorney General has the authority to oversee and regulate charities and foundations. The Council is a membership organization […]

  • How To Start A Career In Information Technology

    Your school’s career center can help you identify potential employers and advise you on strategies to put your foot on the door. When I was in college, I started looking for an internship at my school’s career center. Indeed, they had many good jobs and connections to set foot on a large company. This was […]

  • The Last Pre-wedding Start Checklist To Be Anchored Now!

    You can choose from different things like hats, scarves, whiteboard, blanket, etc. You can be creative and try different things that you think will help improve your photo shoot. Even after full proof of pre-wedding planning, forgetting one of the essentials of the session day can ruin your previous wedding. Therefore, make sure to bring […]

  • 10 Reasons To Start Counseling For Couples

    In marriage and family therapy, these individual concerns are only part of the puzzle. Your advisor will guide you and your partner in sharing your problems and looking for a common foundation. You are free to ask your counselor or partner questions at any time during a pairing therapy session, but remember that the therapist […]