Month: February 2021

  • Workers’ Comp Claim and Return to Work Programs: The Vocational Recovery Project

    Back to work after an accident at work I started a professional recovery project a few years ago. Unfortunately, since then I have not noticed significant improvements in the success of injured workers when they return to work. It seems to me that L’I and most PHO companies think that improving results means making more […]

  • How Do You Feel About Leaving Work to Go Home?

    Reluctance to give up work does not necessarily mean being a workaholic. There may be many reasons why we feel insecure, reluctant, or even afraid to quit our jobs at the end of each day. There are those who will not believe that this can be a “thing”; they can barely wait for the clock […]

  • Peace and Joy at Work

    We spend most of the day at work. Where you work, the people who work for you, the people you work for, have a big impact on you. What do you look like when you come home after a bad day’s work? Your mood is lower than at your feet, and you better not rest. […]

  • L&I Claim Court Decision Prompts Changes to the Stay at Work Program in Washington State

    What is the Stay at Work program? In short, the WA-SAW program helps employers avoid compensation claims. From my point of view, it is designed specifically to provide employers with cost-effective indicators. However, this is a short-sighted programme. In practice, it ignores a few real concerns for applicants about workplace accidents. In addition, it often […]

  • Light Duty Work in L&I Claims and Workers’ Compensation Claims

    Offers for easy operating conditions First of all, it offers employers reimbursement. Here, employers can reimburse costs if they place employees at work after an accident and offer them light work. It calls this “Stay at Work” (WA-SAW) program. If the applicant who is applying for an accident at work has limitations due to the […]

  • Don’t Dream For Success Work For It

    Success can be defined in many ways. But what is the same for everyone is that success will come only if you work for it. We’re so used to doing it easily. We want to have so much in life without really trying. The reality is that dreams only work if you do. It is […]

  • How To Get God To Work Miracles More Through You

    Do you want God to use you to perform signs and miracles? If so, know that you wished for something good. However, this is not just at will, but as a result of practical spiritual steps. This article presents six main ways to create signs and miracles. Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith […]

  • The Pros and Cons of Working for Yourself

    The benefits of meaningful work If your work makes sense: You get more energy because what you do is important to you and you know that it benefits others. You have a purpose.You are somehow contributing to the big picture, increasing your satisfaction.Your ability to work at the highest level is maintained.You spend your time […]

  • Reaping the Benefits of Meaningful Work

    “The waste of our donations brings suffering into our lives. It turns out not only mercy or “unhappiness” if we do not use the gifts given to us; we pay for them with our emotional and physical well-being. If we are our talents. Don’t use it for meaningful work, we fight. We feel disconnected and […]

  • What 16 Years Working From Home Taught Me

    Opportunities it offers staff So what does the growth of temporary assistance and flexible jobs mean for the human resources industry? It opens the door to new horizons. It is time to start planning a short-term and long-term strategy. Statistics show that this change will occur in the near future. Adapting to change now, temporary […]